About Me

About Me

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I never saw myself ending up here,” you know my story.

From teaching English overseas to walking a pilgrimage in Japan, becoming a Financial Advisor to getting married in Taiwan, selling rooftop solar door-to-door to selling myself on the reality of becoming a father.

I’ve made many plans and often wound up somewhere unintended.

My actions were often molded by the idea of creating changes in life before changes happened on their own and out of my control. The idea was well-intentioned but mostly just gave me an illusion of power over my life. Many of my changes were without purpose or direction.

As I mention in my introductory post, Building Monuments By Habit, our routines dictate the shape our lives take. This blog is a representation of my taking action to create more intentional change. The routines I am building and will maintain are the groundwork for providing for myself and my family as a successful professional writer.

The best way to learn more about me is to ask. Feel free to reach out through email at writer@mjhutchison.com.